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Thursday, 04.26.2018, 01:00pm (GMT+7)  

  Vietnam Travel Disctance

By Car/bus and others


By Car/Taxi:

Meter taxi and car hire are available at most the cities in Vietnam. You can take a taxi around the city at US$2 per km or only 15$ for picking up from the airport. However, the drivers is not good in English, so you should hire a tour guide to go with. Thus, some taxis are not good quality anymore, if you are a careful person , you should book a car for tours or pick up at the airport in advanced with travel agent.

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By Xe om ( Motorbike taxi)

Xe om is available at all the conners of the villages in Vietnam. This is quick and cheap way. At all tours, you should agree the price before setting off, otherwise, you will be charge as expensive as taxi.

We recommend you should go by Motorbike taxi only in the major cities or tourist cities at the short distance as there are many bad people hidden by a Xe om man.


By Bike

You can rent a bike at most major tourist cities to go around at around 3$  to 7$ per day, depending on the quality of the bike. This is friendly way to discover the cities and daily life of the local people.

Bike tours


By Cyclo.

Sitting on cyclo or pedicab is great and clasical way to enjoy the cities. Cylco are available most of cities such as Hanoi, Hue , Nha Trang and Saigon ( Ho Chi Minh). You can hire a cyclo at around 1-5$ per hour,it depends on the quality of the cyclo and how many people on cyclo. One big man/woman can seat on a cyclo or two small people even with a baby ...

Cyclo tours


Vietnam waterway
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Car Rental

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