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Saturday, 04.21.2018, 01:25am (GMT+7)  
     What to see

KyLua Market Street

KyLua market in LangSon is the place of trading and exchanging goods between domestic areas with national culture activities of LangSon.

KyLua market opens up market-days 6 times a month on 2nd, 7th, 12th, 17th, 22nd, and 27th. On these market-days, goods and produce of almost provinces are traded and exchanged. People sometimes go to the market not because of trading but because of visiting and discussing business with each others. Ethnic young people go to the market to meet friends and seek for their life partners through exchanging love singing. At the market, people sell colourful brocade, clothes and foods with LangSon’s traditional flavour.

LangSon yearly holds KyLua fair lasting from 22nd to 27th of lunar January. This is a traditional culture activity. Nowadays, KyLua market has restored and it opens all day and night. Going to KyLua night market leaves a great impression on tourists who go to LangSon because of the fresh air of mountainous border area with scenery and people there.


Stone statue of Lady ToThi

It locates onside the community of famous landscapes Nhi-TamThanh. The legend of Lady ToThi was engraved in the innermost of the heart of Vietnamese people. Nature created the statue of a mother who held her child in the arms and waited for her husband’s return on the peak of the mountain. This statue is like a symbol of Vietnamese women’s loyalty.



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