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Thursday, 04.26.2018, 12:48am (GMT+7)  
     Lang Son

  Lang Son
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Lang Son

LangSon has got two international border gates including DongDang railway border gate and HuuNghi road border gate, two national border gates such as ChiMa (in LocBinh district) and BinhNghi (in TrangDinh district)..., and it shares seven border markets with China. So LangSon has an important strategic position in the North-East of Vietnam.
Langson province has ten districts such as HuuLung, ChiLang, CaoLoc, LocBinh, DinhLap, VanLang, TrangDinh, VanQuan, BinhGia, BacSon; one city: LangSon city; and 226 communes and towns. LangSon city is the social economic political center of the province.

LangSon's climate is a typical climate of the Northern Vietnam. There is a clear distinction between seasons. In different seasons, the temperature is also different because of the mountainous terrain?s complexity and the rapid denaturation of cold air in the moving process in the inner tropic has caused significant differences in temperature between areas.
Annual average temperature: 17-22o C

Internet access
There's an internet cafe' on Le Loi str
Vietcombank on 51 Le Loi str., you can change US dollar to Vietnam dong
You can make calls and stamps here.
Getting there
From Hanoi, Long Bien bus station have regularly bus departs to Lang Son
Lang Son bus station on Le Loi str.,
In Lang Son, there are daily bus leaves Lang Son for Cao Bang at 5am.
There?re three trains run between Lang Son and Hanoi


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