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Thursday, 04.26.2018, 01:00pm (GMT+7)  
     Ha Noi

  Ha Noi
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Hanoi is the socical, cultural, and economic center of Vietnam. Located in the Red River Delta, in the center of North Vietnam. It was founded in 1010. The tropical monsoon climate is divided into the rainy and dry seasons. The most distinctive characteristic of Hanoi climate is the fluctuations between the cold and hot seasons.


Hanoi is situated in a tropical monsoon zone with two main seasons. During the dry season, which lasts from October to April, it is cold and there is very little rainfall, except from January to March, when the weather is still cold but there is some light rain. The wet season, from May to September, is hot with heavy rains and storms. The average annual temperature is 23.2oC (73.7oF) and the average annual rainfall is 1,800mm. The average temperature in winter is 17.2oC (62.9oF), but can go down to 8?C (46.4oF). The average temperature in summer is 29.2oC (84.6oF, but can reach up to 39oC (102.2oF).
is a sacred land of Vietnam. In the 3rd century BC, Co Loa (actually belonging to Dong Anh District) was chosen as the capital of the Au Lac Nation of Thuc An Duong Vuong (the King Thuc). Hanoi later became the core of the resistance movements against the Northern invasions. Located in the middle of the Red River Delta, the town has gradually expanded to become a very populations and rich residential center.

At different periods, Hanoi had been selected as the chief city of Vietnam under the Northern domination.In the autumn of Canh Tuat lunar years (1010), Ly Thai To, the founder of the Ly Dynasty, decided to transfer the capital from Hoa Lu to Dai La, and so he rebaptized it Thang Long (Soaring Dragon). The year 1010 then became an historical date for Hanoi and for the whole country in general.For about a thousand years, the capital was called Thang Long, then changing to Dong Do, Dong Kinh, and finally to Hanoi, in 1831. This sacred piece of land thereafter continued to be the theatre of many fateful events.

Getting Around
Meter taxis and hired cars are easy to find in Hanoi. If you plan an extended visit you might consider renting a bicycle or motorbike.
The north end of Hoan Kiem Lake is Hanoi's "ground zero." Practically all the city?s economical hotels, tourist shops, and cafe catering to visitors are located here. Not only is it the oldest part of the city, it is the busiest and most interesting. Every street is winding, intimate, and shady. At night the lights of storefronts keep the streets lit and animated.
Depending on which guide book you read, this district of Hanoi is variously called the "Old Quarter," the "Ancient Quarter," and "36 streets." It is wedged between the northern shore of Hoan Kiem Lake, the walls of the ancient Citadel, and the levies that protect the city from the Red River. The 36 little streets in the quarter are each named for a commodity once sold by all the businesses on that street. Streets here are named for the medicine, jewelry, fans, copper, horse hair, chicken, and even coffins once sold on them. This explains why the names of some of the longer streets inexplicably change after one or two blocks. As you explore, you will still happen upon entire blocks of tinsmiths, tailors, paper goods merchants, and lacquerware makers.

In the Ancient Quarter the most appealing mode of transportation for those who do not care to enjoy the "36 Streets" on foot is the cyclo. Often they are driven by men wearing pea-green pith helmets that make them look like soldiers. Settle on the fare in advance (a dollar or less one way). Most drivers will also quote you an hourly rate and will take you to all the obligatory cultural and historical spots.



1)       Bach Mai hospital ( Benh vien Bach Mai)-Tel: 869 3731, internationa, English speaking doctors available.

2)       Dental Clinic – Tel: 846 2864

3)       French Embassy Clinic- Tel: 825 2719- Add: 49 Pho Ba Trieu

4)       Hanoi Family Meical Practice- Tel: 843 0748

5)       SOS international clinic – Tel: 934 0555 – Add: 31 Pho Hai ba Trung

6)       Viet Duc hospital- Tel: 825 3531- Add: 40 Pho Trang thi

7)       Vietnam International hospital: 547  1111

8)       Vietnam Korea Frienship Clinic – Tel: 843 7231 – 12 Chu Van an 



There are many good banks in Hanoi


ANZ Bank: Add-14 Le Thai To str., Tel: 04825 8190 –

It does cash advances in dong and dollars, plus has a 24- hour  ATM


Industrial & Comercial Bank, Add: 37 Hang Bo Str., Tel: 04 825 4276

It cashes travellers cheques at teh standard 0,5% commission for dong, 1.25% for US dollar and 3% for credit –card cash advances


Vietcombank, Add: 198 Tran Quang Khai str., Tel: 04 826 8045

There are several smaller branches around the town , it has an ATM and offers most currency services.


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