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Saturday, 04.21.2018, 01:27am (GMT+7)  
     What to see in Hai phong



Haiphong has many temples, pagodas, mausoleums and shrines such as ancient Du Hang Pagoda, Nghe Temple, Hang Kenh Communal House...

Haiphong has famous historical Bach Dang River, where the national heroes defeated three Chinese feudal invasions. The third victory over the Yuan-Mongolians was known all over the world. Many of the teakwood pointed spikes have been discovered in this river.

Haiphong is on tourism route: Hanoi - Haiphong - Halong Bay.


Do Son Beach, located 20km from Haiphong, is a sand strip for bathing. However, during the monsoon season, the Red River's alluvial sands cause the water to turn yellow. From Do Son, tourist can visit Cat Ba National Park, and continue to Bai Tu Long Bay and Halong Bay (Quang Ninh Province). Haiphong is also famous for many festivals, of which Choi Trau Festival (Do Son Buffalo-fighting festival) in Do Son Town is unique.


Hai Phong Museum :On Dien Bien Phu str.,

Haiphong Museum in a building, is located just in the city centre at No.65 Dien Bien Phu street was built in 1919.It is one of the buildings with a nice design of gothique style on a area of approximately 1ha. Surrounding the Museum is the fence system with imitation of weapons of Middle Ages knights and which can be seen only here.

Visiting the Museum,tourists will be given brief introduction of the Haiphong land and people of Haiphong.Nowadays,the exhibition system of Haiphong Museum is nearly completed with 14 rooms showing 9 main subjects.

The Haiphong Museum is considered as one of the interesting and attractive places in a city tour.There consists of many big ancient trees and open ? air exhibited system od tablets, big cannons around the Museum.Especially, it has presence of a Mic - 17 airplane which ever contributed to protect the city and torpedo disarming ship which besiged Haiphong Port in years of USA resistance.


Du Hang Pogoda

Du Hang Pagoda is located at 121 Du Hang Street, Du Hang Kenh Ward, Le Chan District, Haiphong.

The pagoda is considered an ancient architectural relic of the city.

The pagoda was built under the Ly Dynasty. It was later renovated in the 17th century by Nguyen Dinh Sach, an officer of the imperial guard who resigned and became a Buddhist monk. In 1899, during the reign of King Thanh Thai, a monk by the name of Thong Hanh expanded the pagoda and built a bell tower. The existing pagoda resulted from the repair work carried out during that time.


Inside the pagoda are several statues that are intricately engraved in the style of the Nguyen Dynasty. Valuable relics, such as bronze tripods and gongs, are also kept in the pagoda.


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