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Vinh City


Area: 64,23 Sq km

Population: 210.417 inhabitants

Ethnic groups: Kinh

Total of communes, precincts and townlets: 18

Total of villages, blocks and hamlets: 283

Total of racked Relicts, National degree: 14, Provincial degree: 16




Hong Son Temple, Can Linh Pagoda; Vinh Citadel, Forest- Garden Quyet Mountain...


Festival:  Hong Son Temple Festival;

Held on the 20th day of the eigth lunar month


Vinh has a unique position to which any captains of any ages pay attention. It is surrounded by rivers and mountains, closes to the East Sea. It is also the meeting place of humane and natural potential as well as the cream of Nghe Region. Vinh is a center of politics, economy, culture, health service, education and tourism of Nghe An.


Vinh had long-standing history, passed through many centuries known as Ke Van (Nom language), Ke Vinh (Chinese), then Vinh Giang, Vinh Doanh, after that changed to Vinh Thi. Finally, the Western people called Vinh so Vinh has been the city's name since 1789 to now. Vinh is located in a favourable geography. Vinh has an airport, North-South Railways and National Highways 1A passing. Vinh is a meeting place of all cream of Nghe Region. It has a rich and diversified tourism potentials, a spacious and modern hotel system with 30 hotels including 1,120 high standard rooms.


Long ago, Vinh City has been attracted tourists not only by its modern feature but also by a complex tourist area with specific and typical characteristics of a Nghe Region City. In Vinh, travellers can take part in city tours, organized by travel agencies to visit tourist attractions in and surrounding the city such as: Vinh Ancient Citadel, Wood Garden of Quyet Mountain, Can Linh Pagoda, Hong Son Temple, Ban Forest - Bird Sanctuary, Vinh Market, museums, entertainment and recreational places...



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