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  Bach Ma national park
  What to see in Hue


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Hue is located in Thua Thien prefecture and is in the central part of Vietnam. Located 660 km from Ha Noi and 1080 km from Saigon
Hue was the capitol of Vietnam, the feudal sovereignty, from 1744 when the Nguyen lords controlled all of southern Vietnam from the city. The dynasty of the Nguyen family lasted (in theory) from 1802, when Nguyen Anh defeated rebels to control the city, until 1945, when the last emperor abdicated. The city was severely damaged in the 1968 Tet offensive during the American war, when house-to-house fighting lasted for weeks, but many architectural gems remain and are well worth a visit.
Hue is divided between the older fortified Citadel, containing almost everything interesting, and the new, smaller sprawl that has developed across the river. The new side contains most of the facilities, the hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, and banks. People come to Hue to see the old Imperial complex, the Citadel and the Forbidden city, the pagodas, and the many tombs of the emperors that lie a few kilometers south of the city. Each tomb is a walled compound containing temples, palaces, and lakes.

Hue is a quiet, relaxing city, big enough to be interesting but small enough to bicycle around. The food is great, the best in Vietnam, and the women are supposed to be the most beautiful in the country.

The coastline between Hue and Natrang is unimaginably beautiful.
Internet access:
There?re many internet cafe? on Hung Vuong and Le Loi str., And most the hotels in Hue now offer internet.
Medical services
Hue Central Hospital ( Benh Vien Trung Uong Hue)
Add: 16 Le Loi str., Tel: 822 325
Vietcombank, 54 Hung Vuong st
Exchange traveller cheques, and has ATM
Industrial and Development Bank, 41 Hung Vuong
The Main post office is on Ly Thuong Kiet
Telephone services
Getting there and around
By land:
There?re many daily buses coming Hue everyday from Danang, Hoian , Nha Trang, Hanoi ..

Bus station:
An Cuu bus station, add: Hung Vuong dist.,
An Hoa bus station , on Hwy 1
Dong Ba bus station, add: Tran Hung Dao str.,
Reunification Express trans stop in Hue
Hue railway station: Le Loi str., Te: 822 175
Vietnam airlines , add: 12 Ha Noi str.,
There?re many daily domestic flight to Hue from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh

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