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Thursday, 04.26.2018, 01:12am (GMT+7)  
     Yok Don National park

  Yok Don National park

Yok Don National Park

Yok Don National Park was founded in 1991 in Buon Don District (Dak Lak Province); 40 km northwest of Buon Me Thuot City. It has an area of 58.000 ha and houses many ecosystems. The most well-known is the dry forest ecosystem characteristics of Southeast Asia .
In Yok Don; 464 species of plants and 311 species of animals are regarded as rare and endemic ones and listed in the Red Book of Vietnam such as the huong (sandal wood; pterocarpusindicus); cam lai (barian kingwood; dallergia bariensis); voi (elephant; elaphas maximus); bo rung (wild cow; bos banteng); bo xam (wild grey cow; bos sauveli); ho (tiger; panthera tigis); vooc ngu sac (variegated monkey; pygathrix nemaues); etc.
Yok Doon is full of many original local cultural values and is a busy and prosperous trade center of Indochina.

The park occupies relatively flat land with two small mountains to the south of the Srepok River. It is mainly under natural forest, most of which is dry dipterocarp forest. Yok Don is the only national park in Viet Nam conserving this particular forest type.

The national park is an important site for the conservation of large mammals, particularly Gaur, Banteng and Blackshanked Douc Langur. It is also regarded as one of the most important areas in the country for bird conservation, particularly for Green Peafowl. Its importance is further strengthened by recent discoveries of the Giant Ibis and Mekong Wagtail in the park.
Although only one village is located within the park, the forests and wildlife of Yok Don National Park are under threat from hunting, grazing and bush fires. Furthermore, pressure is increasing with population migration and infrastructure development in the immediate vicinity of the national park.

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