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     Buon Ma Thuot

  Buon Ma Thuot
  Yok Don National park

Buon Ma Thuot


Situated 160km west of Ninh Hoa, BUON ME THUOT is chiefly of interest for its outlying minority Ede villages of Tour and Ban . The town itself is the western highlands' unofficial capital, and, during French colonial times, developed on the back of the coffee, tea, rubber and hardwood crops that grew so successfully in its fertile red soil; coffee is still the backbone of the local economy. The capital is Dak Lak
the population here almost Mongtagnards but they speak Vietnamese fluently. From May to October are rainny seaso and iitís very windy.
Dak Lak Gerenal Hospital, add: 2 Mai Hac De str., Tel:  852 665
Agriculture and Rural Development Bank
Add: 37 Phan Boi Chau str., tel: 853 930
Add: 1 Nguyet Tat Thanh str.,
Main Post office, add: 6 Le Duan str., Tel: 852 612
Travel permit
To visit villages surrounding Buon Ma Thuot, you are required to get these valuable bits ofpaper with Dak Lak Tourist. However if you book a tour with a travel agent, they will have responsibility to make this permit to you.
Victory Monument
Victory Monument is located in the center of the town which comprises the History Museum on Le Duan, chronicling the struggles against both the French and the Americans, and the more interesting Ethnographic Museum
Ako Dhong Village
Ako Dhong Village (or Co Thon), is two kilometers north of Buon Ma Thuot City, Dak Lak Province.
It has 300 inhabitants; all of the villagers are the E De and the MíNong people. Strolling the village makes for a pleasant break from the downtown din and you may be able to find some locals at work weaving traditional fabrics.
Museum of Dak Lak Province
Add: 1 Le Duan str., tel: 852 527
Dak Lak Ethnology Museum is situated at 182 Nguyen Du Street, Buon Ma Thuot City, Dak Lak Province.
This two-storey building displays pictures and historical, cultural artifacts of the peopleís life in Dak Lak.
First floor: Displaying pictures and artifacts about natural conditions of Dak Lak Province and the culture of E De and M'Nong ethnic groups; as well as models of stilt house, traditional costumes, production tools, statues at tomb houses, and collections of wine jars, bamboo backpacks, and gourds.
Second floor: Displaying pictures and artifacts about the resistance wars against the French colonialists and the US imperialists of the Dak Lak people. In addition, it also has pictures of economical production after the liberation day, including agricultural and industrial production, rubber and coffee planting, latex processing, hydroelectric work, health care service and tourism.
Dak Lak Water Park
Add: On Nguyen Tat Thanh str., tel: 950 381
Itís about 1km past the bus station, northeast of the town.
Getting there and around
Vietnam airlines:
Add: 65-67 Nguyen Tat Thanh str., Tel: 955 055
Buon Ma Thuot Airport is 10km from the city centre. There are daily flights from Danang and Ho Chi Minh City.
Bus station of Buon Ma thuot is at 71 Nguyen Tat Thanh str. 3km outside of the center. Thereíre bus services from Ho Chi Minh ( Saigon), Danang, Nha Trang,Dalat, Pleiku and Kon Tum
Car and Mortobike:
Dak Lak is 183km from Nha Trang (by National Highway No. 26), 180km from Pleiku (by National Highway No. 14), 352km from Ho Chi Minh City (by National Highway No. 14), 200km from Dalat (by National Highway No. 27).
The road condition is good for driving or riding on mortobike
Dray Sap
The splendid Dray Sap Falls are accessed by heading 27 km  southwest out of Buon Me Thuot along Doc Lap. Before them, 14km out of town, a track to the left of the road runs into serene TOUR VILLAGE , one of the biggest minority villages in the area, where four hundred Edes share fifteen stilted wooden longhouses and live very much as they have done for centuries, sustained by their maize, corn, peanut, cashew and sugarcane crops. Almost 15m high and over 100m wide, the "smoky water fall " can be reached by clambering through bamboo groves and over rocks to the right of the pool formed by the falls.
Dray Nur ad Gia Long Falls
Itís excellent to have god riverside trekking oppotunities where ruins of ramprts ordered by the French during the colonial period can be seen near the falls.
Gia Long is adjacent to ancient forest Ė Emperor Bao Dai used to hunt there. The forest is spectacular Ė enormous trees, vines, and a profusion of insects. Nearby is a natural swimming pool, an almost rectangular basin with a sandy bottom. On the other bank are the remains of a bridge and lake built by Bao Dai and now being slowly strangled by the lush vegetation.
 Dray Nur is a complete contrast. Set in dry, arid land, its waters thunder over black volcanic rock. Its comparatively barren surroundings enhance the impact of the falls Ė standing at the bottom among the swirling mist, the noise is deafening.
Tur village
Trek to Tur K'man,  a Ede ethnic village,it's 14 km south from Buon Ma Thuot, visit the Ede hill tribe village. The people here raise animals and grow cassava sweet potatoes and maize.
Yok Don National park
Tel: 783 049
Exit 37 km west out of Buon Me Thuot along Phan Boi Chau, you'll arrive at the entrance to Vietnam's largest wildlife reserve, the Yok Don National Park , whose 58,000 hectares lie nestled into the hinge of the Cambodian border and the Serepok River. Over sixty species of animals, including tigers, leopards and bears, and around two hundred types of birds, from peacocks to hornbills, populate Yok Don Park, but elephant rides are the park's main attraction.
Thereíre 17 ethnic groups in the region, including a significant number that have recently migrated from Northern Vietnam.
Motherís family is existing of Ede and Mínong ethnic minorites.
The Mínong are also known for their astute in capturing wild elephants. The traditional elephant-racing festivals are put on time to time. Visitors can arrange elephant rides through some beautiful forests.
Buon Ma Thuot is the land of cafe, so cafe is sold everywhere there. You can buy whole beans of coffee already ground to a fine powder. Good place to buy coffee beas are shops around the conner of Hoang Dieu str and Phan Chu Trinh str.
Quan Ngon: Vietnamese dishes , add: 72-74 Ba trieu str., Tel: 851 909
Bon Trieu Restaurants: beef dishes , add: 33 Hai Ba Trung str.,
Nem Ninh Hoa - Grilled pork wrapped in dried rice paper-head for the bustling fresh spring roll stalls:
Add: 20-22-26 Ly Thuong Kiet str.,
Noodle soup shop: Hai Ba Trung str.,
Hanoi Barkery, sweet: add: 123-125 Le Hong Phong str., Tel: 853 609
Cafe in Buon Ma Thuot is the best of Vietnam, so you will enjoy coffee here at cafeí
Cafe 54: 54 No Trang Long str.,
Quan Cafeí Po Lang: 26 Tran Khanh Du, about 1km from the city center.

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